Toby Adams, CEO, Ribcraft Global & Bhavesh Mankodi, Director Brilliant Seagull Pvt Ltd signing the Joint Venture Share Certificates.
Toby Adams, CEO, Ribcraft Global & Bhavesh Mankodi, Director Brilliant Seagull Pvt Ltd signing the Joint Venture Share Certificates.

Ribcraft Expands Globally with New State-of-the-Art Certified Manufacturing Facility in India

Ribcraft, a renowned British brand with over 30 years of experience in designing and building bespoke professional and military-grade rigid inflatable boats (RHIBs), is proud to announce the opening of its new manufacturing facility in India, marking a significant step towards global expansion and strategic growth.

The decision to establish a manufacturing presence in India stems from the region’s increasing demand for RHIBs, driven by factors such as maritime security needs, search and rescue operations, and commercial activities along India’s vast coastline.

In view of the ‘Make in India’ policy of the Government of India, Ribcraft, along with their partner, Brilliant Seagull Pvt Ltd, has established a fully developed RHIB manufacturing facility, to build and supply Ribcraft boats to cater to local demand, while also targeting export opportunities within the region.

Ribcraft India’s headquarters are located in Mumbai, with production facilities strategically positioned in Porbander, a key port city in the state of Gujarat, India. The facility spans approximately 2500 square meters and is equipped with a fully operational workshop capable of handling lamination, outfitting, and fabrication processes. It has been designed for scalability, with the ability to expand as needed within a timeframe of 4-6 months.

The manufacturing facility is planned to be Class Approved to ensure compliance with class rules. Additionally, it will hold standard ISO certifications for Quality Management Systems.

Ribcraft India headquarters – Production facility located in Porbander, Gujarat, India.

Our objective is clear: to optimize production costs and delivery timelines, while complying with the quality and build standards based on UK design and manufacturing. These will be achieved through complete Transfer of Technology and knowhow to Ribcraft India Pvt Ltd from the UK and UAE. By partnering with Brilliant Seagull Pvt Ltd, we ensure extensive service coverage and customer satisfaction in India and beyond.

The establishment of the new manufacturing facility, along with technology transfer, will not only generate local employment opportunities but also foster the development of high-quality RHIB construction skills in India. This initiative will also spur the growth of satellite SMEs in the vicinity, supporting the supply of various parts and subcontracting work necessary for RHIB construction, while also facilitating exports.

With the establishment of Ribcraft India Pvt Ltd, we’re not just building boats; we’re crafting a legacy of excellence. Our commitment to expanding our footprint in strategic locations underscores our dedication to fostering self-reliance in manufacturing and supply, epitomizing the finest of British design and heritage. As we embark on this exciting journey, we’re not only meeting local demands but also supporting global demands. I’m thrilled to share that Ribcraft and Brilliant Seagull Private Ltd have achieved significant milestones within a mere three months of initiating the strategy to develop composite boat building capabilities in India. In this short span, we’ve not only established the legal entity of “Ribcraft India Private Ltd” through a joint venture but have also swiftly put in place the infrastructure and resources needed to kickstart manufacturing by the first quarter of 2024.” – said Sandeep Banerjee, Chief Operating Officer, Ribcraft Global.

“We are happy to partner Ribcraft, a premier global designer and builder of military grade, professional and leisure Rigid Inflatable Boats, in establishing an Indian entity that will manufacture world class RHIBs in India. Ribcraft India Private Limited will leverage Ribcraft’s design excellence and superb manufacturing quality to build RHIBs in India for local as well as export orders in line with Government of India’s ‘Make in India, build for the world’ concept. Manufacturing of the first prototype hull has already started and the mould manufacturing process for another boat for an export order is already in process under strict QA supervision” – said Neville Daruvala, Director, Brilliant Seagull Private Limited.

For partnership or order enquiries, please contact Bhavesh Mankodi, Director, Ribcraft India Pvt Ltd, email

About Ribcraft:

Ribcraft is a 30+ year old leading manufacturer of custom-built professional rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), offering a wide range of models from 3.5m to 14.5m for commercial, military, law enforcement, search and rescue and leisure applications, with manufacturing facilities in the UK, Middle East and most recently in India.

Ribcraft boats are renowned for their quality and ability to withstand the toughest weather/ sea conditions, earning the trust of operators worldwide. Rooted in British design, each Ribcraft RIB is a testament to precision engineering and attention to detail, delivering unparalleled performance. Whether navigating treacherous waters on a military mission or embarking on leisurely adventures, Ribcraft boats epitomize excellence in British craftsmanship, setting the standard for reliability and durability in the field.