Ribcraft introduces its latest addition to police and military range

British manufacturer Ribcraft UK has announced the latest addition to its police and military range. The all-new Ribcraft 8.0 boasts Ribcraft’s signature military grade solid deep V hull with a free running deck together with a heavy-duty anti-slip decking finish.  The boat’s length over all (LOA) is 8.00 m and it measures 2.85 m across the beam.

Innovative features include the Hypalon inflatable tube manufactured from heavy-duty premium Military Grey fabric impression. It comprises a conventional O shaped sponson around the bow section for increased buoyancy which gradually converts into a D shaped collar along the sides to the transom to maximise the deck operating space.

The boat features  a custom-made stainless steel A frame, black powder coated, two solid stainless steel tow bollards, and an integrated stainless steel bow winch eye strong point and transom mounted towing eyes.

Future projects include a collaboration with UK-based, a specialist company engaged in the design and manufacture of advanced autonomous platforms, to convert one of the boats to fully unmanned.

Enabling continual access to hard-to-reach locations and removal of humans from hostile and dangerous environments, the converted unmanned surface vessel (USV) will have capabilities for remote control or full autonomous operation, whilst collecting and relaying information back to a main ground control station.

The USV autonomous solutions enable operational cost efficiencies and provide complete interoperability for operationally relevant payloads to fulfil commercial and military missions in accordance with the end-user requirements and the capability of the vessel.

In terms of layout, the RIB is equipped with two Ullman jockey suspension seats for optimal open deck space. The seat design optimises body posture while the spring and damping system of the semi active progressive shock mitigation system takes care of the high forces during impact.

The wide bespoke console features a large mounting area for comms and nav systems, four chambers for dry storage and system isolation, three waterproof access hatches and glovebox. There is a folding spray windscreen which offers great protection in high winds and rough seas.

The console houses full communication and navigation equipment including two ICOM M423G VHF / DSC Radios with Procom Aerial, an Icom HM-195 COMMANDMIC, together with a Plotter Repeater heading sensor transducer raydome for radar, Garmin GPS map chart plotter and a cutting edge Garmin Panoptix Live scope transducer. This allows the operator to see incredibly sharp real-time scanning sonar images up to 200 feet down and away even when the boat is stationary. The boat is currently equipped with Reygar Barefleet digital monitoring system which provides real time data and remote monitoring reports on boat performance, engine hours, fuel consumption, live boat motion and vessel location.

Built to endure heavy duty missions, the tube is protected by military grade cladding and Ribcraft’s signature impact push bow, sprayed over with indestructible coating. The hull is also reinforced with a full length Toughtec indestructible keelguard, and integrated heavy duty bow ramming tow eye.

The boat is powered by a Yanmar 8LV 370 horsepower diesel 4 stroke engine to enable the vessel to be highly responsive and quick on missions. Combining this with the SeaStar Optimus steering system, the vessel makes light work of tight turns and rough conditions.

For more information, please contact your Ribcraft Representative and check out the video here:

Facebook Presentation Video: https://www.facebook.com/ribcraft/videos/1436819283316496

YouTube Presentation Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UspjCRKzc_c