Founded in Great Britain over 30 years ago

RIBCRAFT has gained a world-class reputation as a leading global builder of custom and production Rigid Inflatable Boats.


Ribcraft is unique as a global manufacturer in that all designs and construction for the entire craft are built in-house at purpose built facilities, with hull sizes from 3.5 to 12.5m. This ensures we have total quality control of all aspects of the manufacture, offering high standard of finish and attention to detail. The Ribcraft facilities in the UK, USA, Middle East & India have a team of experts onsite, who can take your concept to reality and are more than capable to accommodate individual requirements. The new sales and distribution office in Melbourne, Australia covers Asia-Pacific region.


At Ribcraft we understand each owner, agency, department, and organization has its own unique set of needs and requirements. As such, every boat is built to order. With a host of options, seating configurations, storage solutions and engine choices. Whether professional, commercial and military buyers, we are ready to make your RIB mission ready and specific to you.


Long considered one of the safest ways of transporting people and equipment, a Ribcraft offers unparalleled performance and safety by incorporating a conventional solid fiberglass hull with an inflatable tube for increased buoyancy, stability and overall performance. Built to the highest standards, Ribcraft RIBs incorporate the qualities of safety, strength, agility, speed and manoeuvrability to perform in the most inclement of conditions.


Every RIB we build is configured for its specific mission. Load capacity, speed requirements, agility manoeuvrability and stability are all matched to the mission. Each has a robust construction, reinforcement at critical areas, state of the art design according to latest technologies and innovations. They are then fully customised with a host of colour options, layouts, consoles, seating configuration and engine choices.


Designed with professionals in mind and built to the highest commercial standards, Ribcraft places great emphasis on durability and quality craftsmanship of each and every boat. With multi-chambered Hypalon tubes, reinforced hulls and pressure relief valves, Ribcraft RIBs are built for 24/7 commercial use regardless of the customer.


RIBCRAFT prides itself on working closely with the customer to understand their specific requirements. You need your boat to be 100% whenever you are called to the water, that’s why we are committed to our customers throughout the life of the vessel always ready to assist with any service needs.

30+ years of Quality & Experience in RIBs building. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and delivered around the world.


Choose from our wide range of models from 3.5 up to 12.5m and we will help customise it as per your exact requirements and application. Built to the highest commercial standards, reliable and strong, every RIB will be making a perfect companion for every journey.

Law Enforcement / Coast Guards / Sea Safari / Offshore Oil & Gas / Search & Rescue / Customs Agencies / Commercial Organisations / Fishing / Water Sports / Leisure / Military / Port Authorities / Naval & Special Forces